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I’m sick of being broken and at risk of sounding like a whingeing hypochondriac.

  1. left knee has been inoperative since August. I can’t run and I’m waiting for the results of an NHS MRI scan that took place 6 weeks ago;

  2. let hip aching due to compensating for left knee;

  3. right wrist fractured after Boxing Day cycling accident;

  4. right knee slowly healing from same event;

  5. tried cycling with fracture – even I had to give up;

  6. sore throat work me up last night and has been there all day;

  7. generally full of aches and pains;

  8. burned out after a very busy working week and another two to follow;

  9. waistline creeping up due to lack of exercise and refusal to cut down on food and drink;

  10. have had to spend most of Sunday in The Bunker doing preparation for the week ahead because I gave up my Buffer Day tomorrow for a client meeting – why did I do that?

Feeling very sorry for myself.

There – that’s my rant over.

None of the above, however, are quite as irritating as the new iPhone app that Annie has downloaded, showing how many sugar cubes there are in everything we eat and drink.

She is following me around the kitchen and leaps into action with said app every time I pick up a bottle or open the fridge door.

I’m nearly over the line – nearly.

First her – then Jamie Oliver – then everyone.

Watch out – you are all at risk.

p.s. the photo has got nothing to do with the blog – I just took it whilst flying to Belfast on Wednesday morning and wanted to publish it. That’s the kind of mood I’m in.

p.p.s. I’ve had enough of The Bunker today – off to walk the dogs with Annie and Jon and then start my huge pile of ironing. No doubt I’ll shortly know how many sugar cubes there are in a pet.


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