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Breaking news, pay scales and how to make a million!

In this month's Extreme Business Academy tutorial, I share my thoughts on the breaking news about rising wage and inflation, the recruitment and retention crisis and associate taxation.

I will then share with you a real-life example of a Pay Promise and Pay Scale guide from one of my own clients.

Finally I'll share with you a new spreadsheet, designed to show you how to improve average daily production from each of your fee-earning rooms and increase the capital value of your business by £1 million pre-tax.

Ambitious? Yes.

Doable - yes indeed!

Existing clients already have access to The Academy and so you, your employed team and self-employed clinicians can all watch immediately.

If you are not already an Academy member or a coaching client, you can create your Extreme Business Academy account, access our extensive back catalogue and watch the tutorial now for just £9.99 per month at

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