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What would you think if I shared with you that, in around three months from now, I had the opportunity to place a Business Development/Practice Manager into one of the most exciting independent private dental clinics in London?

An opportunity that would combine:

  • An attractive and competitive base salary in the top quartile of incomes for the position;

  • A fantastic career progression - a "once in a decade" chance to realise your full potential;

  • A period of employment that would add value to any CV;

  • Working with an Owner and Team who have a world-class culture of appreciation;

  • More fun than you can imagine.

Of course, the business is moving fast and looking for runners - this is no easy life - only the best need apply - grafters.

I guarantee you it's a superb job - the business is one of my clients and they are Champions League.

We are going to recruit on attitude first, skill second - if you are unsure of your attitude no further action is necessary - if you are unsure of your skill, don't worry, I will be your trainer, mentor and guide.

If you would like a no-obligation chat - simply email me at and your contact will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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