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Bonding with your patient

The objective was to create a list of actions that would have the cumulative effect of making the patient feel GENUINELY APPRECIATED – because they are the patients who will return for a lifetime and recommend their family, friends and colleagues. Its not THE list – its A list – but it might just be better the yours – in which case enjoy! If yours is better – send it! PATIENT BONDING 1. Email new patients with a “nice to meet you, looking forward to helping you with your dream smile/gums sorted” etc. 2. Phone call from front desk to go over any Treatment Planning issues. 3. Phone call from practice to remind about visit, ask if the patient is anxious or unsure about treatment . Then talk through and reassure. 4. Aftercare call to check all is ok. 5. Email to thank patient for visit and remind them next one is booked on … For … With result of … 6. 3-monthly e-newsletter or monthly education factoid by email. Ends by asking for referrals. Bonding with our client database can be our Achilles Heel. We do none of the above, so 1. let’s make sure we have all emails of patients 2. lets have a staff meeting about this implementation 3. let’s make sure we can email from SOE if possible to the patients Let’s keep 100% of our clients. Let’s educate them regularly. Let’s reassure them about their treatment. Let’s follow up every treatment and treatment plan, even when they sign up to it and pay up front. That’s the next step in going from good to great.

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