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Being world class…

The Be World Class Conference was held recently, drawing together a wide range of speakers from both sport and business sectors each offering ideas and useful insights. Three speakers on the programme caught my attention: Dr Mark Nesti, Bolton Wanderers, described how it is possible to create a world-class environment and culture with relatively little resource. Mark described

  1. How a very diverse group can be held together as a tight team when they share strong values. These values bind the team along as there is trust between its members.

  2. How world class teams are often, by nature very challenging and demand a great deal of its members. There is often conflict and at times it is uncomfortable. Mark described it as a ‘family’ in many respects. It is an environment where we don’t always agree, or get on, but what’s important is that each member will put themselves on-the-line for each other.

Mark Ions, Exclusive Ltd, discussed three key strategies which lead to a successful business:

  1. It’s about the process – not the outcome. Ensure you engage 100% in your business processes and the desired outcome will happen.

  2. There are no such things as problems – only challenges requiring solutions.

  3. Leave nothing to chance – absolute attention to the minor detail ensures that your customers will make the right decisions.

However, perhaps most poignant for me was Simon Hartley’s summary of the conference and his simple steps or characteristics of successful performance:

  1. Have a dream – be motivated by passion, a love and intrinsic interest in what you do

  2. Focus on the next step

  3. Keep it simple

  4. Don’t compromise – or more accurately, know what you will and will not compromise on

  5. Push the envelope

  6. Be mentally tough

  7. Take responsibility

  8. Take control

  9. Be yourself

For more information about the conference check out

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