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Back to basics

After a drinks reception over live music and a 5-course taster menu with complimentary wine, it's a bit of a struggle to get going again this morning at The Extreme Business Client Conference.

Yesterday, on arrival, each of our guests checked in to their hotel room to find a copy of the itinerary for the next three days and the new book "The Diary of a CEO - 33 laws of business and life" by Steven Bartlett.

This morning, our first of two visits to the L. S. Browne post-graduate centre, where the delegates will have a 4-hour session with - me!

I've decided that my theme is "Back to Basics" and I'll be reviewing with them the absolutely essential basic habits that any Champions League practice must employ in the areas of:

  • financial analysis;

  • internal and inbound marketing;

  • the modern patient experience;

  • picking ideal team players;

  • leadership & management;

  • overall game plan and

  • exit strategy.

No rabbits out of hats today - just a focus on making sure that they enter 2024 with the basics in place - as we all should.

Tomorrow will be innovative and very geeky, when we run a half day session on cutting edge digital dentistry (with a surprise guest speaker).

This afternoon - a boat trip on Lough Erne, a visit to The Boatyard Distillery and then in to Enniskillen for dinner at The FireHouse. and a late finish.

Here we go....

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