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Back on the grid

So, after 2 weeks sailing (and a wedding), followed by 3 weeks on expedition in Oman – reality bites with a net 207 emails (after junk deleted), 20+ practice audits to deliver by the end of March and the usual full calendar of travel and meetings.

Arriving back at 23:30 on Saturday night hasn’t given me any time to think – just a cold plunge back into modern life and business after the sanctity and solitude of mountains, wadis and deserts.

I created a video diary of my trip to Oman and will start to broadcast that on Facebook in about a week from now – it really is worth watching to see the trials and tribulations of our journey as well as some extraordinary sights. You’ll see flash floods, dolphins, biblical plaques of flies, camels, giant spiders, verdant valleys, beaches, hot deserts, cold mountains and the amazing Omani people.

For now, I have to get my head back into the business of dentistry and catch up with the backlog – that’s going to take the whole of March.

I’m also back to start a new nutrition and fitness regime, which began yesterday with day 1 of a 90-day Paleo campaign, designed to get rid of some of the excess weight I accumulated since Christmas. My running has been on the back-burner for 2 months also, so I need to start that slow climb, yet again, back to marathon capability.

All go.

I’m looking forward to my first two client meetings today and a very busy calendar going forward – feeling very blessed to love my work when some of my colleagues on the Oman 2017 Expedition were dreading the return.

Many videos, photos and tales will follow.

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