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Ask a busy person…

It is happening again. The number of people who call, email or walk up to me at conferences and say: “I was going to ask you to do this but I thought you would be too busy” “I know you are busy but…..” It seems I have to repeat this blog post periodically. I am busy. We are all busy. I’ve been busy since I was 16-years old. I’ll be busy when I’m 100-years old. You should see the ‘to do’ lists that we share at BKH – awesome – and sometimes I do wonder if we are going to get everything done on time. But we do. Because we are a resourceful bunch – just like you. I am busy. But I’m never too busy. So if you need help, a second opinion, a shoulder to cry on, a view, permission to take a risk, access to our IP, a reminder, a lift, some inspiration, a laugh, spaghetti unravelled, a chat – whatever you need. Just ask. Because I’m busy – so I can.

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