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Ashley Latter in hospital

What a night! After a superb working day with Simon in his lovely Devon home, I race back to attend an informal dinner with Ashley and the delegates on his 2-day sales course. At Ash’s request we are back at 5 degrees west – and enjoying a few beers and lots of laughs – when suddenly Ash turns bright red and complains of difficulty in breathing (no pun). He excuses himself and walks back to his hotel – from where he calls my mobile a few minutes later to complain that his condition is deteriorating. I call “999” and alert the hotel staff – very soon we are all watching 2 instant response medics taking his readings, followed by an ambulance crew of 3 more who give him anti-histamines. They decide on admission to hospital in Truro, where we stay by Ash’s bedside until 1.30am this morning – he is pronounced out of danger but they keep him in for the night. After too few hours sleep we call the hospital to find that he has discharged himself and hired a cab back to Falmouth – where we wake him at 7.15am to wind up the key in his back and set him up for day 2. He has a 360 mile drive back to Manchester this evening – and if he has any sense he will stay over – but he’s a Northern bloke like me – no sense. I’m just glad he is OK.

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