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As the competition for the patient's money heats up....

There are two conditions that have been said to stimulate demand:

  1. Scarcity - which can have the effect of pushing prices UP - note the 35% year on year increase in the cost of British holiday lets;

  2. Competition - which can have the effect of pushing prices DOWN - note the battle to sell cheap airline tickets for overseas holidays.

(Of course, those same airlines may well move from competition towards scarcity as the barriers to travel come down.)

One question we all need to be mindful of is the effect that the impending avalanche of advertising from all sectors is likely to have on dental sales as the year progresses.

May I remind you that advertisers want to sell their products to customers - it's all about RETAIL. Advertisers compete - with each other and with you - for the customer's attention and then for their money. They compete on price, speed and simplicity.

Whereas marketers want to build a lifelong relationship with their clients (patients) - it's all about RELATING. Good marketing reinforces the scarcity of being looked after so well by you. Marketers want to focus on quality and make you feel special.

You have to make a decision with your approach for the rest of this year (and beyond) - are you going to RETAIL or are you going to RELATE?

I hope you choose to RELATE.

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