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Are your team on the boat?

We've been talking a lot about recruitment and retention in recent days and I was struck by an excellent example of leadership and morale-building this week and asked permission to share it with you.

Richard & Fiona Brooks established The Tanshire Clinic in Surrey a decade ago and have built a strong team and patient list. Richard wrote to me last Friday:

"Hi Chris,

Really excited about The “100” and taking the Clinic to the next level.

We have been open 10 years and with a few ups and downs look forward to your help, advice and encouragement over the next few years.

Decided to treat the team on our anniversary , 12 of us went to a Boat trip around the Isle of Wight and a fabulous boozy lunch . Champagne on the bus down, then the boat, rosé at lunch and then champagne and cake for tea ! Some of the team said it was the best day ever.

Not that they weren’t but now all firmly on the boat/bus !

Look forward to seeing you in person at the Owner's days next year,

Keep up your amazing work , you and your team are much appreciated .

Warm regards


I'll let the photos speak for themselves - you know the point I'm making.

You are probably thinking about this year's Christmas party - but I think it might be the moment to go an extra mile?

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