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Are you proud of your brand?

How rare is it to see a principal or a team who are proud of their brand? I want to see and hear the following:

  1. Proud – of the brand that has been created

  2. Precious – about any feedback

  3. Passionate – about making the brand visible

I mentioned, in last week’s ezine, the new web site at The Courtyard in Huddersfield. Do you think Marcos’s team are proud, precious and passionate about the work that has been done? I’ll bet they are – and that their pride manifests itself in all aspects of their customer service. A brand is like a regimental standard – a flag to rally around. It’s not just about funky logos and smarmy strap lines. It’s a culture, an ethos, a way of professional life. Essential – and attractive to the right type of patient.

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