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Are you a high achiever or a high performer?

Knowing the difference can save your life as well as your business - an interview with Lee Evans

It’s amazing how sometimes a podcast guest comes along just when the interviewer needs to hear their message.

Lee Evans had what he describes as a “crappy start” in life, tragically losing his mother when he was 15 years old and experiencing bullying at school.

After 25 years in The Army, he has emerged as one of the UK’s best performance coaches, still using his skill in the military but also with high-performing clients in sport and business.

In fact, it was one of CB’s clients who recommended him as a guest for our show.

Lee shares his fascinating life story but also many of the techniques he has learned along the way, including a skill in hypnotherapy that allowed him to undergo dental treatment without anaesthetic.

Lee understands how the mind protects us from the effect of major trauma, whether soldiers serving in Afghanistan or business-owning dentists, suffering in lockdown.

He asks us to live our lives in the NOW, to deal with uncertainty every day and to make peace with our own vulnerability.

Perhaps the most important message in this podcast is contained in its title and why high achievement can break us if we don’t exercise the balance of high performers - that advice is golden.

Lee reminds us that emotion is contagious and that the way we show up as leaders every day will infect those around us with the same attitude, good or bad.

He shares his “Four Pillar Plan” to optimise your health and some excellent advice on snapping out of the doldrums and dealing with “The Funk”.

One of our favourite conversations so far this year and full of good ideas that are bang up to date for the uncertainties we are all facing.

Listen on your favourite podcast player, or below.

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