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Are workers at home potential new patients?

As the long-term nature of the battle against Covid-19 becomes apparent, The Guardian reported on 30th September that 32% of UK office workers are at home 5 days per week and 45% are spending the majority of their time at home.

Only 37% have gone back full time in the UK. That contrasts sharply with France, Italy, Spain and Germany, where 75% have returned. Morgan Stanley, who commissioned the research, described the UK as a "notable outlier".

What that says about the British attitude to work is a debate for another day, although it's fair to say that many Employers are now encouraging home-working and no doubt reconsidering the expense of their city centre real estate.

For suburban and rural dentistry I see this as a marketing opportunity.

I wonder whether the "stay at home" instruction to British workers has created a new community of patients who used to see a dentist near their workplace and are now looking for a solution closer to home?

May I suggest a politely worded business card, flyer or newsletter to existing patients, pointing out that if they have any family, friends or colleagues who are evacuees from the city, that you are looking for new patients?

Happy Monday - look for the silver linings in every cloud.

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