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…and for the other 90% of you

For all of those team and family members, friends and colleagues, who confide in me. Your mantra: Good morning This is me. I work for you, live many hours with you, provide skills and services for you, listen to you. I’m happy to swap my time and talents to support you in your business endeavours. It’s not a calling – I’m just not wired the way you are – and I have to make a living and a life. In return, from you, I require the following: leadership ⁃ I want you to be the custodian of the vision and to share that with me on a regular basis ⁃ I want you to set the standards by your own personal performance and behaviour ⁃ I want you to “let go” of management to your support team and allow us to fulfil our potential management – please encourage us to have robust systems for ⁃ financial control ⁃ marketing ⁃ customer service ⁃ operations ⁃ team-building I’d like you to invest the time in listening to me, allow me to give you feedback and give me feedback. I’d like you spell out exactly what you want me to do and when you want it by. I’d like you let me know regularly how I’m doing. I’d like you to show up on time, finish what you start and say “please” and “thank you”. I need to feel genuinely appreciated all of the time. I want my working days to be some of the best days of my life – to feel self-actualised – to feel as if I am making a difference. Most of all – I want you to make it really easy for me to look up to you as my boss – a truly lovely human being whom I trust, respect and like. Then I’ll swim the channel for you every day. If you can’t be bothered doing those things – then please don’t be surprised or hurt when I move on.

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