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Amor Fati

I read The Daily Stoic cover to cover every year - it begins my day and each morning's entry reveals fresh insights into the minds of the Stoics and their calming philosophy.

November's theme is Amor Fati - the love of fate - an attitude of acceptance for whatever the world delivers to us and a determination to make the best of it.

Of course that still means that you should look before you cross the road and carefully plan ahead in life and in business.

Amor Fati isn't about abdicating responsibility for your future.

But we do have to accept that age -old missive that "life can be a series of mountains, valleys and unexpected missiles".

Enjoy the mountain moments (when you feel on top of the world).

Embrace the valley moments (when you feel as if you are in a hole) - and don't dwell on it - ask for help.

Accept the missiles - that delayed train, traffic jam, unexpected resignation, disappointment, rejection - and make sure that you bounce back higher.

Because you can.

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Dhru Shah
Dhru Shah
Nov 01, 2023

I like this. Thank you for sharing.

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