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All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation

The title of this blog is a quotation from fellow coach John Niland – I first heard John say this some years ago and don’t believe there is ever a week goes by that I don’t quote John to a client or friend. Yesterday I was able to have a good conversation with Jen Haver, Managing Director of The Coaching Business School, my right arm in coaching coaches and friend. We spent two hours on the phone, just updating each other on what’s going on in my life and hers and we intend to continue the conversation every day this week, so as to fully understand each other’s present reality and future vision. Why? Because this will facilitate an action plan for the next 3 years, 12 months and 90 days. The more “good conversations” I have, the better we all function in Team CB. The more “good conversations” we all have, the better we all function both professionally and personally. “Good conversations” avoided create stress and stress is a killer. Is there anyone you have avoided having a “good conversation” with – for fear of the outcome?

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