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A trip to see an award winning dental practice

A couple of weeks ago I saw Blue Apple Dental from Noerthern Ireland pick up the “UK best practice” award at the Dentistry dinner. Here I am at Manchester Airport, waiting for my early Belfast flight and then a 90-minute drive to Fermanagh to see the practice for myself and spend the day with James Hamill and his team. I have to say I’m excited at the prospect – and flattered that Breathe Business have been invited in to discuss “next steps” with a business who have just hit the heights. It proves the point that 21st Century business is about continous adaptation – hats off to these people that they are not resting on any laurels. My Google Earth search this morning revealed that I’ll be out in the country – I’ll be interested to see how they have done what they have done. Had a look at their web site this morning – I have some advice to give them…..

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