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A "thank you" from me to you

Like many, I imagine sometimes that I've developed such a repetitive Covid routine that certain actions every day could be completed wearing a blindfold.

The lack of variety in our working week challenges our attention to detail as well as our mental health.

I acknowledge those who are working in a healthcare environment and have to maintain high standards of patient and clinical care day after day.

That cannot be easy and I know that owners and managers are keeping a diligent eye on their SOPs to identify and rectify slippage very quickly.

On a wider note, I have nothing but admiration for everybody and anybody helping to deal with this pandemic, whether healthcare or key workers.

Last Thursday lunchtime I was just about to go live with Lisa Bainham for our Practice Managers Development Programme, when a text message arrived from my GP surgery, asking me to attend for my Covid vaccination.

I followed the link provided and, within moments, had booked in for the following morning at 09:30.

To clarify, I'm not a key worker and I'm age 67, which means Group 5 in the pecking order - so had been expecting my call around the end of February.

Next morning, I walked the 500 metres to St Peters Community Centre and was in the door and out again in less than 5 minutes. Some slight side effects over the weekend, a sore arm and a little bit under the weather on Saturday. Job's a good'un.

I can only thank the team at Shay Lane Medical Centre for having their act together, not just for me it appears, but many of our neighbours in my age group, who were all successfully jabbed over the last few days.

So I'd like to publicly acknowledge firstly, that local and excellent bit of community service, secondly the superhuman efforts of all concerned in fighting the virus and thirdly, you and your dental team for the work you are doing in such challenging times.

At the start of another groundhog week - thank you.

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