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a rather lovely unsolicited testimonial…

On 23 Nov 2011, at 19:00, Peter Wright wrote: Thank you very much for your email informing me that I have won an iPod Shuffle in the September 2011 prize draw. I feel a bit of a fraud, let me explain why. I am a retired dentist, having treated my last patient in July 2009. Since 2000 I have been attending Chris’ lectures and on more than one occasion my staff and I attended his small group workshops. Chris gave us the confidence to gradually increase our fees so that when I sold my practice in York in 2004 the sale went through in record time due to in no small measure to the vastly improved accounts. Since then I worked as a part time associate at Nick and Laura Hopkinson’s practice in Wetherby until 2009 to cover maternity leave for Laura. Since then I have also been working as a volunteer at a charity called Brunswick Organic Nursery and Craft Workshop in York helping people with learning difficulties have a better life. We are feeling the effects of local authority belt tightening and are seeking to improve our sales. This prompted me to go back to the DBS website looking for inspiration and lo and behold there was a feature on “word of mouth”. Kind Regards Peter Wright

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