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A quick, cheap and simple way to attract Google reviews

I have increased the number of my own Google reviews by over 120 in the last 5 months, by simply handing out these cards at the end of meetings, workshops and conferences, with a request that the recipient scan with their smartphone and either give and stars and/or add a few comments.

They cost very little to design and print and I've developed the habit of taking them wherever I go.

Manage your expectations - I have run workshops of 30 people, all of whom have sworn that they will submit a review - I'm lucky if I get 3 - but that's OK, because it's 3 more.

Now to my clients - who have used exactly the same technique and are handing the review cards out to all patients at the end of hygiene visits, dental health reviews and completion of treatment.

We are seeing rapid growth in review numbers across The Extreme Business community with a similar caveat on attrition.

The benefits?

  1. Once you are more than 100 reviews, Google's algorithms will improve your SEO;

  2. People read reviews!

  3. You can repurpose individual reviews across your social media channels;

  4. Your team can feel proud of what they do;

  5. The right patients love to give those stars and make comments.

Time to develop a new habit.

"Mr Smith, I wonder if I can ask you a quick favour?

We find that Google reviews from our patients are an excellent way to reassure people that we are good practice to visit and help us a lot with our marketing.

Could I ask you to take a moment, wither now or later, to scan this QR code with your phone and either simply leave us a star-rating or add some comments about your experience with us?

We would all really appreciate your help."

Cheap as chips, easy and effective.

If you'd like a quote for design and print, contact

p.s. Can I ask you a favour? If you like this blog, will you scan that QR code above and leave me a review? Thank you.

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댓글 2개

Fotios Pappas
Fotios Pappas
2022년 7월 23일

If the patients leave the google reviews at the practice (using their own device and not the practice WiFi), will google remove them as they are all from the same location?

Chris Barrow
Chris Barrow
2022년 7월 24일
답글 상대:

You will be OK if they are using their own 4G/5G signal - not OK if they are using your wifi.

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