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A producer group emerges

My most interesting moment yesterday was a conversation over lunch at our workshop in Watford, with a former regional sales manager for an ortho supply company who has packed in his job and become co-ordinator for 11 independent ortho practices. He is looking for economies on purchasing to cover some of his salary but also establishing a centralised training system and developing consistent brand standards for all the members. In other words – a min-producer group. I told you so. Back to Tuesday – it appears that my comments yesterday about the upgraded room at the Watford Hilton have been circulating around the hotel group – and if that secures some brownie points for duty manager Chris, then they are well deserved. They may not have the prettiest hotel – but the customer service throughout is excellent. Great workshop yesterday – the first 2007 airing of my Patient Journey day with new slides and an altered running order – so a dress rehearsal in some ways – but the crowd of existing a potential new clients were “up for it” and we had a good giggle as well as covering important principles. Today it’s back in Cobham and a new room – one can never predict the mood – so I’ll know by 9.30am how far I can go with them. We are in Surrey – very posh. Everywhere I look at the moment (and I wrote my ezine article about this earlier) I am seeing growth and optimism in UK dentistry. Whether you are a supplier or at the point of delivery – these are the best of days in an expanding market. I sat and worked through the balance of my 2007 calendar over dinner last night – scratching my head and wondering where it’s all going to fit. I need a driver and batman.

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