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A Friday riff

  1. Now that children are back to school and patients are receiving their first and second jabs, business is booming and appointment books are filling up. Many clients report waiting lists for new patient consults and treatment delivery;

  2. Given that it is "POETS DAY" - will we hear about the new UDA targets this afternoon?

  3. I've enjoyed delivering three times at the virtual Dental Showcase this week - a credit to the BDIA for putting it on;

  4. Many stories are circulating around a third wave of Covid in July (and hospitals in preparation) - we are not yet out of the woods;

  5. Vigilance is required in SOPs - some team members are slipping and taking their practices down as a result;

  6. CQC whistleblowing is a on the increase;

  7. Practices are being bought, sold and opened, goodwill values are robust, earn outs are extending;

  8. Teams are tired, Principals are tired, clinicians are tired, suppliers are tired - we are all tired;

  9. Before Covid we did strategy and tactics. For the last 12 months we have been firefighting. There is a bit more firefighting to do - come September, we will start on strategy and tactics again;

  10. The weather is getting better. This weekend we spring forward. On Monday outdoor sport and leisure are back and we can mix with 6. Next weekend we get some time off. A week after that, outdoor hospitality and lots of other goodies.

Let's keep going - we can do this.

Have a good weekend

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