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A day in the office – creating the right environment

  1. Grade A prospects – people who will join in October

  2. Grade B prospects – people who will join after October

  3. Grade A activities – products and services that will generate cash flow in October

  4. Grade B activities – products and services that will pay us later in the year.

List completed, my confidence in the next 3 months had grown by an order of magnitude. Paul and I enjoyed a pint and laugh – and then I was “Billy-no-mates” for the evening. A solitary Diavola pizza (yes – you’ve guessed – Pizza Express in Farnham) as I read my latest novel and a long soak in the bath before watching the second half of Manchester United v. Benfica on TV – 1-0 to the Reds – great end to a busy and productive day. Lights were out at 10.00pm.

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