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A bad start to the day

After a restful holiday weekend I rise at 4.00am and drive 3 hours from Manchester to Bristol Airport, my intention to catch a connecting flight from Bristol to Amsterdam and then on to Toronto. Why? Because that’s a good financial decision, saving me over 300 pounds on the normal ticket price. I arrive in Bristol to find that the flight to Amsterdam has been canceled and there are no further flights today. I take my customer service hat off to Caroline on the Servisair desk who, after spending 2 hours struggling with a lone PC terminal that will not work and 80 irate passengers, manages to keep her calm and deal with us all pleasantly – even the rude ignorant pigs who cause a scene with their loudmouth threats. I am now sat in Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport, having been taxi-ed, courtesy of KLM, to London to catch a direct British Airways flight to Toronto – I should arrive about 90 minutes later than expected – still a very long day. Watching the behaviour of both passengers and ground staff has been an education this morning. For now, I have just enjoyed a salmon platter and a glass of champagne – my treat from me to me. All we have to do now is arrive (with luggage) in Toronto……

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