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21 years ago this month I decided:

  1. to finally cut my links with the financial planning community and become a full-time business and personal coach

  2. to focus all my efforts on developing the dental profession as my principal chosen niche

  3. to create a 12-month workshop programme, The Dental Business School and take that on the road

Groundbreaking decisions from which I have never looked back and which allowed me to develop a priceless community of friends and clients.

21 years ago – how different things were back then for us all – I could make a list comparing dentistry (and life) then to now – and we could all “ooh aah” at the developments in treatment modality, technology and the psychology of best business practice – also at how a day in the life of the average citizen has changed.

Allow me please to take a moment to count my blessings.

I have enjoyed a career in which I’ve made some massive mistakes, bounced back, made some equally momentous good decisions and moved forward. On balance, I’d said I’m about evens on the decision making and a hell of a lot wiser as a result.

wisdom enters through the wound

Here’s to the next 21 years – I cannot wait to get started this morning.

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