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I’m speaking in Dublin – Saturday 21st January 2012 – for the Irish Dental Association – and have decided to start the year off with a bang. Stop Bloody Moaning and Start Working: 10 steps to start booming in business again 1. Establish your core values: who you are, who you want to employ, who you want to serve and how 2. BOP – be bold, outrageous and provocative – otherwise you are invisible 3. Embrace social media – accept that there has been a fundamental change in the way that we communicate 4. Say something worth saying – marketing is extinct – the future is a conversation 5. Understand the importance of tribalism in branding and create a community, not a patient database 6. Invest in human capital: cheap wages and simple people will no longer feed you 7. Tear up the rule book: provide dentistry in ways that would have been unimaginable even 5 years ago 8. Prepare to compete: supermarkets, retailers, corporates – how are you going to be different? 9. Innovate – in everything – never do the same as others – always stay ahead of the curve 10. Retire NOW – get out of the rat race and run your practice as the best paid hobby in the world

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