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99 dry days to Christmas Eve

Make a note on your calendar: Friday 14th September 2012 – 99 days to Christmas Eve. I want to share with you something I’ll be doing on that day. I’ll be opening a very good bottle of red wine, drinking most if not all of it – and then beginning my pre-Christmas de-tox. For 99 days leading up to that I will have:

  1. no alcohol – nothing – nada

  2. no rubbish food or drink

  3. 3 good meals a day

  4. minimum 30 minutes aerobic exercise 6 days a week

Back in July I took a 33-day de-tox and (I know it’s a cliche) I felt much better by the end. I lost over 10lbs in weight, was sleeping better, felt 10 years younger, was brighter at work, enjoyed cycling (I’m on a break from running as I’m a bit broken). I really enjoyed my de-tox. In August I drank alcohol socially every day for 30-days and loved it! Much of it very cheap Greek wine. By the way, I don’t do diets – diets make me miserable and have me staring at other people’s food in a very strange and (for them) unnerving way. So I don’t intend to prevent pasta, cook cabbage, pass over protein, cower from carbs, duck under dairy. None of those activities are natural…we are homo sapiens. The body is like an emotional bank account. You put love in, you get love out. Would anyone out there like to join me? If there is any interest we could use Facebook and have some fun with the idea – share experiences. Let me know if you want to come along? There’s no pressure, no charity to support and no target other than NO ALCOHOL – because that’s the ‘real’ gig here. Oh – and on Christmas Eve I’ll be celebrating – big time.

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