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4 weeks, 4 places left…

Looking at this photo of all the gang on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro last year in August reminds me not so much of the physical exhaustion we felt but more the overwhelming sense of cameraderie and friendships created in the group, inspired by a mutual cause. Having spent time in Tanzania and seen first hand the positive impact that Bridge2Aid makes on so many lives, was a great motivating factor for me and Annie to raise money and get up the mountain (and back down again). Bridge2Aid are taking another group this year and there are currently just 4 places remaining. Do you want to join them? If you feel inspired, or know someone else who would enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime challenge, please get in touch with the team! There are only 4 weeks left until applications close, so contact them sooner rather than later. From an organisational point of view, our trip was very well coordinated, professional and we were very well looked after, despite the obvious limitations of resources as we progressed up the mountain. Speak to Shaenna if you’re interested! Shaenna Loughnane UK Manager, Bridge2Aid

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