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26 weeks

26 weeks since Boris announced lockdown and we all began our individual experience of the greatest disruption of our times.

Some have described this as a "Black Swan" event, whilst others have pointed out that the term describes the unexpected and that, had we listened to the predictions of many scientists and thought-leaders, the pandemic was inevitable.

Whatever your opinion, we have all journeyed through the same storm in our own little boats.

I took a moment to look back this weekend and to think about the difference that the last 6 months has made, asking myself whether I saw this as a positive or negative experience.

We have all had to pivot - to change direction rapidly - irrespective of whether we were equipped to do so mentally, physically or spiritually.

There have been casualties to reflect upon, whether personal, commercial or professional.

Take a moment today to reflect upon what you have lost and what you have gained in half a year.

My heart goes out to those who have suffered loss of any kind.

I count my blessings that my gains have outweighed my losses.

Without doubt, my biggest gain has been the closeness that has developed with my wife and my children (with whom I have spent more time than has been possible for many years).

Equally, the intimacy that I have developed with many of my clients and friends in the dental world as the barriers have come down and we have shared our innermost thoughts.

There is still a long way to go on this journey and there are likely to be further twists and turns (although fewer surprises one hopes).

Post-Covid (if there ever is such a thing), we will look back and reflect that we have all become closer and, perhaps, learned to appreciate the good things we share.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Go safely.

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