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2008 is ready to roll….

After 12 months of creative destruction – and 48 hours of intense content development – we have drafted our “offer” for 2008, including:

  1. Training days for the whole dental team;

  2. Training Intensives for principals and senior management;

  3. Business retreats;

  4. Practice visits;

  5. The 2008 Mastermind Groups and

  6. The 2008 Platinum service (tailor-made coaching)

It’s an impressive document that has brought together all the ideas we have discussed and removes some of the tolerations we have around excessive travel. All we need now is:

  1. a new company name and brand

  2. an extensive PR campaign to launch the new company

  3. an expanded support team to provide the services

  4. premises to house the new team

  5. a marketing campaign

  6. lead conversion and CRM systems

  7. capital to get through our business “J-curve”

  8. about 150 clients through the year

That’s not much to ask then! Once that’s in place I want to return to the shelved subject of creating a business review magazine for dentists and a range of toolkits and other “off the shelf” products – but that’s now looking like later in 2008. Today I’ll be working with Bonnie on the 2008 diary – so that there is enough room for Simon and I to deliver without killing ourselves. I plan to take 14 weeks vacation next year. And we will be working on cash flows – so that we can figure out just how deep that “J” is and continue our conversations with bankers and investors. All that – and my second trip to the dentist this week – for a crown preparation. Oh – and a secret trip this afternoon that I’ll tell you about in due course – something personal but quite exciting.

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