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There are two types of organisations:

  1. Opinions are welcome

  2. Opinions are unwelcome

In the first:

  1. thanks for taking the trouble to think about this and letting me know how you feel

  2. I really value your feedback, even though I might not always agree with it

  3. I’m going to listen to what you have said and take that into account in my future plans

  4. don’t hesitate to share further thoughts

  5. if it’s OK – in view of the fact that you have expressed an interest, I may enrol you as a sounding board

In the second:

  1. who the hell are you to tell me that?

  2. have you any idea what really goes on?

  3. I’ve already thought of all those things – do you think I’m stupid or something?

  4. when I need your opinion I’ll ask for it

  5. until then – please MYOB

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