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New spreadsheets coming - because we need to navigate

Last night on our weekly client call (and following my recent webinar series for Dentistry Live on financial monitoring):

  • I released a new and updated version of our Associate Profitability Calculator;

  • And also a brand new spreadsheet to establish MVP's (that's Minimum Viable Production) levels for associates - targeting average daily production and number of clinical days delivered.

In the pipeline (to be released in the coming days) are:

  • A new profitability calculator for hygienist and therapist production, that will take into account:

    • Hygienist or Therapist;

    • Employed or Self-Employed;

    • Hourly rate or Production split.

  • A new spreadsheet that will enable actual cash flow forecasting, so that clients can identifies dips in cash over months ahead and in plenty of time to take corrective action.

All of this (and more to come) as the benchmark operating cost per surgery per day rises:

  • 2021 - £350;

  • 2022 - £450;

  • 2023 - £550;

  • 2024 - £650.

The effect this is having on both profitability and cash flow is that "clear and present danger" I've written about before.

The Extreme Business 100 clients are forewarned and forearmed to navigate through this.

We are taking on new clients all the time.

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2 комментария

David O'Malley
David O'Malley
13 мар.

Will Academy members get access to these spreadsheets?

Chris Barrow
Chris Barrow
15 мар.
Ответ пользователю

It's a work in progress but I will make sure The Academy resources are updated David - if you want the earlier please drop me an email to

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