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Leadership in 2024 (Lessons from an Island) - a free webinar

Date & Time

Feb 21, 2024

19:00 PM


It’s an unbelievable 10 years since Chris Barrow was chosen as a castaway on the first ever season of The Island with Bear Grylls - a production that won the BAFTA for “Best Original Reality Series” in 2014.

As well as a life-changing experience for Chris, he came away with many insights into leadership and some very tough lessons learned as he and his 12 fellow survivors had to cope with their environment - and each other!

In this entertaining webinar, Chris will share some candid excerpts from the original show, some behind the scenes stories and also demonstrate how his experience proved to be a metaphor for many of the challenges we face in a day to day business and personal lives.

Not just a desert island tale - also a realistic look at how the performance and behaviour of ourselves as leaders and that of our team members can make or break our business - and what to do about it.


To discover whether you've got the leadership skills required and the organisational structure in place to build the practice you'd like to own and run.


  • Identify the leadership skills required to build the practice you'd like to own and run.

  • Learn what your ideal business team should look like and the organisational structure they should form.

  • Identify and set the levels of service you will want all your staff to deliver to your customers come rain or shine.

  • Work out who are the star members of the team and identify if they could become brighter stars and ambassadors for your practice.

  • Set the benchmark for the standards of behaviour you will expect and demand from your entire team.

  • Look for the weak areas, the well poisoners and know what to do about these.

  • Learn about the checks and measures you can put in place to guarantee that standards are maintained - all the time.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management

  • Dealing with difficult conversations

  • Understanding behavioural styles

  • Task and time management

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