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Getting your Finances in Gear 2024 - the free webinar series

I remain convinced that financial management in the current economic cycle is the biggest challenge we have seen to Owners and Managers since lockdown - and I'm going to do my bit to help as many people as possible.

I promised you a free webinar series on "Getting your Finances in Gear 2024" (and a thank you to the many who responded).

In collaboration with Dentistry Live! - here it is.

Three consecutive nights:

  • Wednesday 28th February;

  • Thursday 29th February;

  • Friday 1st March.

And it will be a complete guide to all aspects of practice financial monitoring - a beginner's guide that will also be a suitable refresher for the experienced.

Loads of handouts, PDFs, infographics and Excel templates - all free of charge.

Follow this link to register - DO IT NOW:

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