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All about branding

My new cappuccino cup and saucer arrived in the mail on Saturday from Alex Jones at Pensitone Dental Care in South Yorkshire. Its part of a complete re-brand of both private and NHS practices that has involved Cathy Johnson in creating new patient Welcome Packs, referral business cards, a refurbishment of both premises and a complete re-think of their business model over the last 12/18 months. Alex was one of my speakers at The Brits last autumn. Branding continues to increase in importance as one of the ways in which potential clients positively differentiate your practice from the competition. Some people just want the dentistry – cheap as chips. Others want a branded “experience” (just like all of us who happily pay £3.00 for a coffee in Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee on a weekend). Alex has created a dental practice that caters for the latter group – and they joining his practice in large numbers – even out there in a Yorkshire village. Coffee cups, Molton Brown and individual hand towels in the toilet, USB sticks, Ipod shuffles – all that stuff works! p.s. – Alex sends me a photo of the coffee machine:

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