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A Friday morning riff - bits and bobs

  1. It hurts a bit to say it - but well done Liverpool F.C and congratulations to all the supporters;

  2. One can never really trust the media - but if the photographs from the beach in Bournemouth are an accurate reflection of what happened there - have the subathers lost their minds?

  3. Thank you to all those who were not lured away from our Business Confidence Forum last night by the promise of seeing the CDO (England) live on an alternative broadcast. Equally, my thanks to the committed who watched two screens simultaneously (reminiscent of the City/United season finale) and reported to us that the CDO said nothing of any value. "Full of herself. Speaking to "the troops" like she thinks she is a 5* general !!" said one frustrated viewer;

  4. I invested in an iPad Pro and magic keyboard a month ago (with a 4G sim card) and can honestly say that the kit is brilliant - especially working in the garden during these lovely summer mornings. The news from the Apple developers conference this week that a new OS is due out is anticipated enormously;

  5. I had a real sense of "the end of lockdown" this week and the start of a new "return to work" phase. I'll be sad to close the Daily Briefings after Monday and yet I know it's the right thing to do. I'm getting ready for a new routine;

  6. This week's trending questions in dentistry:

  • Which clinicians should I bring back and when?

  • How much should I pay them - do I cut their pay? (Answer - NO! Ask me why...)

  • Is it OK to reduce fallow time below 60 minutes by doing X, Y or Z?

  • How do I respond to team members who don't want to return to work due to anxieties about safety?

  • Have a look at this valuation - should I bid for this practice?

  • How do I create an accurate cash flow forecast?

  • How am I going to sell the practice ASAP?

  • This is my chance to stop doing clinical dentistry and move to an associate-led business - where do I start?

  • What sort of marketing should we be doing in Q3 of 2020, without irritating our patients?

The most significant moment of my week was the decision to close my doors to new clients from 1st July 2020, when we begin the Regeneration 2.0 coaching programme.

This morning we have 148 practices who have committed to the journey and some enquiries in the pipeline. We will close at over 150 clients who will join me for the coaching journey and become members of our "not for profit" Buying Group (of which more later - we have exciting plans).

Regeneration 2.0 has exceeded my expectations - a runaway success - and I'm truly counting my blessings. Thank you to all those who have placed their trust in me - it means a lot.

Team CB have worked their tripe out for the last three months to secure a thriving business for the rest of this year - providing we are delivering excellent and appropriate value to the clients, that's a win:win.

However, there comes a point where every professional advisor has to be careful to avoid over-trading - taking on too many clients and, thus, over-promising and under-delivering.

I'm taking steps now to avoid that happening.

From next week, any new client enquiries will be placed on a waiting list or referred to other business coaches (again - not for profit) if the need is more immediate.

The doors will remain open for The Extreme Business Academy at just £9.99 pcm per member:

In the meantime - thank you to all those who have chosen to face the future with us and bounce back higher - and I wish you a fruitful Friday and a restful weekend.

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