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Your Covid-19 Impact Plan - 2 free downloads

A week is a long time in politics

Harold Wilson

This time, a week has been a long time in dentistry.

I don't think I've ever spent so much time in a single week listening to and thinking about the needs of my clients right now and over the weeks ahead.

The graphic above represents a summary of where my head is this morning and can be downloaded here:

The list in the centre represents the people for whom we have a responsibility - the priorities are mine and you can change them.

The boxes around the outside represent the factors that influence every decision we make - again, it's up to you to decide what priority you give to each factor.

Every dental business owner now faces this moral maze - "what are my priorities and how do they influence my decisions?"

My second free download is the Covid-19 One-Page Impact Plan:

Download here:

You can use the One-Page Impact Plan either alone, with your managers and/or with your team to make decisions about how you intend to lead and engage with each category of people.

Example (not intended to be recommendations):

  • Patients - we will provide emergency services only and withdraw from elective procedures. We will make contact with all patients over age 70 to offer personal support and a listening ear;

  • Salaried Team - some will be furloughed and will take advantage of the Government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Others will be retained on payroll and I will fund their salaries;

  • Self-Employed Clinicians - will continue to be paid a reduced % of plan premiums and will be paid a reduced % on any FPI treatment actually delivered;

  • Referring GDPs - will be offered support for their teams in managing this crisis;

  • Suppliers - we will communicate with all major suppliers and agree payment terms;

  • Lenders - we will communicate with all lenders and agree payment holidays and/or rescheduling. We will take full advantage of the Government support system for small business;

  • My Community - we will reach out to local healthcare organisations (private and public) to offer support;

  • Self & Family - we will practice social distancing, care for each other, self-isolate of required and keep a close eye on our elderly family and neighbours. I will work tirelessly to be an effective leader and to organise my professional and personal finances.

My belief is that we all need to complete our individual versions of this Impact Plan THIS WEEKEND so that, come Monday morning, we can give clear direction by sharing our decisions.

Last night at 17:00 I witnessed the greatest example of political leadership in my lifetime.

Now it's my turn - and your turn - to show the same mettle to those who look to us.

Please share this post and these downloads with others who you think can benefit.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be sharing some of my decisions with you - about how I intend to continue supporting my clients.

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Robert Flint
Robert Flint
Mar 21, 2020

Thanks for this. Very useful. Are you able to share word versions please? Don't have ability to print at home our amend pdfs. Thank you

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