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The coming storm

I’ll be writing more about this in the ezine at the end of the month…about the coming economic storm and the effect it is going to have on UK dentistry. About solutions – what to do to prepare and ride the storm. In the meantime……. Two stories in the last 24 hours from dental principals, telling me how staff members have been gossiping and complaining about changes in working practices that they “don’t like”. Well, prepare yourself for the hard line from Chris Barrow. We are about to enter 18 months to 3 years of economic turmoil (the like of which has already been seen in Eire, where some practices are 70% down on sales and have shed staff and clinicians). I would respectfully suggest to any staff members who have a grievance about “change” to address their concerns to the owner of the practice and not in the staff room or a local wine bar, out of ear-shot. People are going to lose their jobs in 2012 and the ones who go first WILL BE the well-poisoners. You have been warned. If I am asked for my opinion on “what to do” as a business advisor, the answer will be “get rid”. Zero tolerance.

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