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The Complete Money Course

2hrs 40mins vCPD

In The Complete Money Course Chris shares a series of simple steps to take complete beginners on the journey from a blank sheet to a complete understanding of just how money flows through a dental business.

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The sensitive issue of staff bonuses

45mins vCPD

A complete overview of the psychology of bonuses and how you can avoid some of the common mistakes that owners make.

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The 27 Habits of Champions League Practices

35mins vCPD

CB takes an up to date look at what is currently separating the top 20% of practices from the rest.

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Your January Price Rise

33mins vCPD

Chris attacks the controversial subject of the January Price Rise for your fee per item list and your dental plan payments.

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The Effective Accountant - with Alan Suggett

33mins vCPD

In this comprehensive interview with Alan Suggett, Dental Accountant at UNW, we discuss EBITDA, the real reason dentists approach Alan for help and much more.

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How to have profitable conversations with your patients

49mins vCPD

In this interview, Simon shares with his his philosophy for patient communication, including the 3 common mistakes made and his 3 top tips for improvement.


The Associate Remuneration Playbook

48mins vCPD

In this live demo, I explain the rationale behind and the calculations involved in achieving a “win:win” solution, when it comes to discussing remuneration.


32mins vCPD

In this month's tutorial, CB shares his thoughts on the breaking news about rising wage and inflation, the recruitment and retention crisis and associate taxation.

Pay scales, and how to make a million!



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The Complete Marketing Course

3hrs 22mins vCPD

A complete guide to internal relationship marketing in dental practice. Includes modules on social media, newsletters, and low-cost internal marketing.

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Recession Marketing in the Year of Covid-19

42mins vCPD

We look at why so many Practice Owners feel unable to give the necessary time to their marketing activities in the current climate, and some tips on how best to approach your marketing in the current climate.

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Three Spreadsheets to keep your marketing on track

22mins vCPD

Three Excel templates that can help your marketing team to keep track of what’s happening, when it should be happening and how you are progressing.

Travel Blog

Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts - a beginners guide

32mins vCPD

Some top tips and guidance to getting started with blogs, vlogs and podcasting, as well as examples from my client base of practices who have already made the start.

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The 12-point recommendation checklist to massively increase patient referrals

47mins vCPD

The 12 systems that need to be embedded in your practice to make the most of the most valuable (and least expensive) way to grow your business.

Woman Texting

Low cost marketing in the return to work phase

32mins vCPD

Some top tips and guidance to getting started with blogs, vlogs and podcasting, as well as examples from my client base of practices who have already made the start.

Video Camera

The continuing importance of the Practice Video in marketing

42mins vCPD

Jem talks us through his top tips for getting the best out of your video marketing. Plus a special offer for Extreme Business members.

Patient experience


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Moments of Truth in The Patient Experience

1hrs 44mins vCPD

How to make sure that your patients become brand ambassadors, advocates and your unpaid salesforce.


The Philosophy and Practice of the Digitised Patient Journey

42mins vCPD

An Interview with Marcos White. How I grew my practice by 107% over 5 years by embracing digital workflow.

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Adding life to your treatment plans - the role of Powerpoint

44mins vCPD

Chris starts by reviewing some of the lacklustre treatment plans he sees whilst visiting clinics - and then introduces the concept of bronze, silver and gold standards for Treatment Plan presentation, including some examples.

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Mastering the End of Treatment Review

45mins vCPD

We look in detail at The End of Treatment Review - why it is so important, what type of patient you should ask, what to say and how to prepare.