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January DBC Prizewinner

January DBC Prizewinner: Shaid Hussain – iPod Nano Dentistry student at Peninsula College of Dentistry How did you first come across the Dental Business Club website? I am a third year student based at the Peninsula College of Dentistry in Plymouth. It was while I served on the BDA student executive that I first came across the Dental Business Club. While at the BDA Annual dinner, it was a conversation between a practise owner and a new associate at my table, that first got me interested in Chris Barrow’s content. What are your impressions of As a student I feel that by using the website and reading the information available it has allowed me to have a greater insight into what life is like after dental school and more importantly, what one has to do to succeed. What do you enjoy most about dentistry? The field of dentistry is unique in that it is constantly evolving, improvement in techniques and materials has ensured that increased patient expectations can be met. The constant changes, new techniques and the rapid growth of aesthetic dentistry shows that dentistry is constantly evolving. However, the one thing that never changes is that when the patient sits in your chair, they are putting their hopes into you, into your skills. This trust put into you by the patient, is the one thing that makes me realise that there is no other profession I’d rather be in.

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