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From Achievement to Intention

Have you set goals for 2022 and targets for Q1?

Or have you arrived back this week and settled into a series of groundhog days - just showing up and doing it, doing it, doing it?

I'm going to confess that I've struggled a little to decide exactly what my goals and targets are, and it required a conversation with my own coach, Rachel Turner, to discover what was happening inside me.

For many years, my goal setting has been quantitative:

  • Number of £'s in sales;

  • Number of clients;

  • Net profit;

  • Savings;

  • Number of marathons (and finish times);

  • Number of books read...

and so on.

Many of these have now become so embedded that I deliver them without thinking. I'm on automatic pilot to hit my quantitative targets.

Which is a good thing - but - some of the adrenalin of achievement has faded.

Ran another marathon - tick;

Cycled across Britain - tick;

Hit my sales, profit and savings targets - tick;

Read another 30 books - tick.


I know these achievements are good for me - and God forbid I should miss them. But where is the buzz?

It makes me wonder how performance athletes get their "high"?

Won another Grand Slam.

Beat my P.B. (again).

Chequered flag.

Is there a "meh" moment?

Rachel and I discussed two alternative approaches to dealing with this:

  1. The Stretch Target - set a new standard - bigger, faster, more!

  2. The Intention Target - change the narrative - from quantitative to qualitative - start working on the difference you want to make, rather than how much you want.

This really has me thinking and we explored some Intention Targets together:

  • To be kind and brave;

  • To make a profound difference to the community of clients with whom I work;

  • To be a beacon of light for those around me.

Ultimately, to think deeply about how I show up, how I help and the impact that I can make.

You don't get a medal for Intention Targets (at least not that I know of) but you do get peace of mind.

It is a shift in mindset that I'm going to marinade in over the days ahead.

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