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Back to work – but thinking

It has been an absolute pleasure to enjoy a true weekend “off”.

By the time I did get back to Cornwall on Friday evening, last week’s weather and travel had taken their toll and, in spite of my best intentions, there was no way I could face my home office over the last 2 days.

Instead – rest and recreation were the order of play. I don’t know about you but, the older I get, the simpler the pleasures become:

  1. two good nights sleep

  2. some lovely home cooking

  3. a walk around Falmouth town on Saturday and along the beach on Sunday

  4. reading (I’m getting into Stephen King’s latest novel “Under the Dome”)

  5. watching a little bit of TV (notably Heroes Season 4 on Saturday night)

  6. some very good conversation with Annie about our lives together and our plans for next 90 days (a busy time) – and with one of my 5 kids

This coming week presents some challenges:

  1. the sheer volume of projects I am involved in at the moment

  2. the day to day work and

  3. the travel

I’m supposed to be up in London on Tuesday/Wednesday, the South East on Thursday and Surrey on Friday.

Overnight here in Cornwall there has been a thaw – the roads are clear.

But the forecast is for snow tonight and I’m concerned that Bodmin and Dartmoor may be impassable – well, for my car anyway.

There will be some short-term planning necessary.

Today I luxuriate in a day at my desk – the first this year – and a chance to create the special issue of the ezine I promised on how to deal with The Snow Crisis.

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