In January 2019, I’m going out on the road again, delivering a workshop and coaching programme that I guarantee will accelerate the growth of those practices attending.
Why not take action NOW to make 2019 a year to remember for growth, confidence, innovation and management development – why not just do it?

Your survival guide through the uncharted territory of tomorrow's business landscape

I’ve had (and continue to have) the pleasure of working with some of the leading practices in the UK, Ireland and around the world and I want to pass on the best ideas in the business of dentistry to more independent practice owners over the next 10 years.

Whether you are a start-up or established, single or multiple site, GDP or specialist referral practice – this programme will make a huge difference – I know it because 2018 has been a year of growth for my existing clients.


"I took the plunge and can honestly say I have no regrets at all. That’s why #CBismycoach. "


I’m looking for 40 dental practice owners who want 2019 to be a momentous year for their personal and professional development and who want their management teams to be the best in the business.

The key words associated with this programme will be KNOWLEDGE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Make 2019 a year to remember for growth

"Chris has ‘done it and got the t-shirt’ which makes buy in to ideas from senior members of the team much easier. That’s why #CBismycoach. "


What is The Extreme Business Programme?

A year-long curriculum focused on the philosophies of Profitable Dental Practice and The E-Myth Dentist and my 20 years of dental business coaching PLUS all updated to reflect current market trends:

  1. Constructing your business vision
  2. Low cost internal marketing for new patients
  3. How to deliver a remark-able patient experience
  4. Understanding money and numbers in the business of dentistry
  5. How to make your associates profitable
  6. The treatment planning process and presentation
  7. Leadership, management and team-building
  8. Personal organisation and time management
Each workshop will include printed workbooks, self-assessment tools, spreadsheets, templates, protocols and infographics.

All workshops will be relevant for CPD purposes.


I’ll be delivering full-day, quarterly workshops in 2 locations:

Central London
maximum 20 practices

maximum 20 practices

Attendance by owners, managers (business/clinic/front desk/marketing) and TCO’s.


Your managers will complete a weekly tracker, in which they identify key achievements during the week and objectives for the following week

As your coach, I will hold your managers accountable for completion of the tracker and will give feedback and direction each time.


Throughout the programme year, you and your managers will have unlimited access to me as business coach, email and Zoom/FaceTime as required.

I will act as a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to you and your managers, holding myself responsible for making 2019 an outstanding year of progress for you and your business.


Throughout the programme year, you and your managers will have unlimited access to me as business coach, email and Zoom/FaceTime as required.

I will act as a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to you and your managers, holding myself responsible for making 2019 an outstanding year of progress for you and your business.


Programme members (owners and managers) will have access to The Coach Barrow Forum - a private Facebook Group that has 1000+ members including Coach Barrow clients (and their managers) past and present - in that Forum we have already and continue to share ideas, templates, spreadsheets, marketing collateral and Q&A threads – a place where you can ask questions and get rapid answers from your peers.

At each workshop, you will meet with colleagues at various stages of business development – I want the workshops to be relevant for those who may be just starting out on their ownership journey (opening or buying their first practice), those who have established businesses and are looking to break through a glass ceiling and those who have ambitious growth plans and want to create a dynamic environment in which their managers can survive and thrive.



The year-long programme (January to December) will require an investment of just £600 pcm (inclusive of VAT) per dental business.

I want Coach Barrow to become the lowest-paid full-time team member in your business for 2019 – making the biggest difference.

Your investment will include all marketing collateral, monthly Zoom calls, weekly tracker reports and daily coaching.

Attendance at the quarterly workshops will require an additional investment of £75 per head (inclusive of VAT).

Make 2019 a year to remember for growth

Location and Dates of 2019 Workshops

etc.venues, 86 Edgware Road,
London W2 2EA
Radisson Blu
Chicago Ave
Manchester M90 3RA
Quarter 1   Tuesday 15th January   Wednesday 16th January
Quarter 2   Tuesday 9th April   Wednesday 10th April
Quarter 3   Tuesday 16th July   Wednesday 17th July
Quarter 4   Tuesday 8th October   Wednesday 9th Octobery

If you cannot make the quarter date at your usual location – feel free to transfer to the alternative location and meet new clients.

Programme Group Calls

  Thursday 28th February at 7pm   Wednesday 27th March at 7pm
  Wednesday 1st May at 7pm   Wednesday 5th June at 7pm
  Wednesday 21st August at 7pm   Wednesday 4th September at 7pm
  Wednesday 27th November at 7pm   Wednesday 18th December at 7pm

Calls will be joined using Zoom.
Dates may be subject to change.

Workshop Agendas

January 2019

The Marketing Day

A complete overview of what’s working NOW in independent practice marketing:
  • Understanding the difference between advertising and marketing - and why that’s important;
  • Creating a comprehensive marketing plan for 2019 embracing
    • our patient recall system
    • social media engagement;
    • making your web site attractive;
    • creating your practice blog;
    • creating your email patient newsletter;
    • engaging the whole team by using your morning huddle as a marketing focal point;
    • creating an end of treatment protocol that never fails;
    • external marketing through advertising, publishing and networking.
  • Building your marketing action plan and budget
The Marketing Day will appeal to all owners, managers and TCOs.

April 2019

The Money Day

A complete overview of how to measure and monitor every aspect of your practice finances to achieve maximum profitability:
  • Understanding your profit & loss statement;
  • Identifying how to measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Benchmarks for performance;
  • Creating budgets and cash flow forecasts;
  • Measuring clinician productivity and profitability;
  • Understanding the significance of OCPSPD (operating cost per surgery per day)
  • Accurate pricing;
  • Tips and tricks to ethically maximise profit.
The Money Day will appeal to owners and any managers with financial responsibility.

July 2019

The Patient Experience Day

A complete overview of your patient experience to ensure that you are delivering customer service that will generate positive reviews and recommendations.
  • First digital contact - making it engaging and easy to connect with you;
  • First human contact - ensuring that your telephony and front desk team are delivering a 5-star experience;
  • First consult - increasing your conversion of enquiries to consults;
  • Treatment co-ordination and plan presentation - increasing your conversion of consults to plans and plans to treatment taken up;
  • Managing your sales pipeline - making sure that fish, once caught, don’t slip out of the net;
  • The End of Treatment Conversation - enrolling your patients as practice ambassadors.
The Patient Experience Day will appeal to owners, managers and TCOs.

October 2019

The Personal Development Day

A complete overview of the habits of highly successful owners and managers and how they combine leadership, management, delegation and calendar control to focus on their own unique abilities.
  • Time management for owners and managers;
  • Personal organisation for owners and managers;
  • Leadership, management and why it’s important to know the difference if you want to build a great team;
The Personal Development Day will appeal to owners and managers.

Resources Included

During the workshop year I’ll be sharing with you many resources from the Coach Barrow archive, accumulated over 22 years of working with some of the best practices in the world:
  • Sales aids
  • Infographics
  • Excel templates
  • Standard patient letters
  • Scorecards
A business development toolkit exclusively available to my clients.

In addition, you will have a complimentary 1-year membership to The Coach Barrow Tribe, a member’s only group sharing weekly live broadcasts, a monthly video tutorial and a monthly interview with an industry leader.

Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time during the 12-month programme, you feel that the journey is not right for you or that you are not getting the value you require, you can exit the programme and I will refund your previous month’s fees – no questions asked.


We will take a common-sense approach where two practices apply to join the programme who are in close geographical proximity – this will vary according to population density. In the case of genuine overlap, a first come, first served rule will apply.

"Working with Chris Barrow will give you the tools to drive your practice forward as his 23 years of experience and coaching are tried and tested - they work! That’s why #CBismycoach. "


A Client Story

How did you first hear about CB?
Chris first came onto our radar about three years ago at a Practice Plan event, we spent a number of years downloading his infographics! These are hugely beneficial especially the one involving associate pay.
Why did you contact him for the latest cycle of coaching?
The end of 2017 saw us buy out our long term business partner. I felt it was important to have an independent view of the practice and assess the business. We had a fairly new management structure in place and rather than consolidate I felt we needed to ‘hit the ground running’!
What’s it like being a client and a member of his Tribe?
The Tribe is an invaluable resource, a community that genuinely shares ideas and successful approaches to running a dental practice. More importantly multiple members of the team have access to this which allows greater team integration rather than the principal alone disseminating thoughts for debate.
What difference has the coaching made?
Chris has the ability and experience to quickly judge ‘where your practice is at’. Having listened to our ideas and combed through our accounts, Chris has become an invaluable facilitator and provided guidance during our management meetings.
We have kick started our ‘marketing machine’, remodelled our business plan and practice structure and begun the process of unshackling our specialist dentists by delegating maintenance to our hygiene- therapists.
Our ambition has been ignited which will allow us to grow and practice rewarding dentistry.
Stretch targets have been set for the next three years and CB’s continuing presence will hold us to account.
I can wholeheartedly recommend CB as a very astute investment!


What to Do Next?

To reserve your place on the Extreme Business 2019 with Coach Barrow programme, I will require a deposit of £600 inclusive of VAT that will be offset against your January fee – all future fees will then be collected on the first of the month by Direct Debit.

Additional workshop delegate fees will be collected online before the event.

To register your interest and request a deposit invoice (or if you have any questions) – No forms to fill out, just press the button below. You can also email me at quoting “Extreme Business” in the subject line.

Why not take action NOW to make 2019 a year to remember for growth, confidence, innovation and management development – why not just do it?