Speaking Events

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Saturday 9th March 2019 Oxford House Dental Practice event Double Tree Hilton / Milton Keynes
Event Description Marketing in independent practice in 2019
  Organizers: Kaival Patel
  For more details or to register your interest, please email kaivalpatel@mkdentist.co.uk
Date Event / Event Details Location / More Info
2019 Extreme Business Workshops London and Manchester UK
Event Description I’m looking for 40 dental practice owners who want 2019 to be a momentous year for their personal and professional development and who want their management teams to be the best in the business. The key words associated with this programme will be KNOWLEDGE and ACCOUNTABILITY..
  Organizers: Coach Barrow
Locations and Dates of workshops
etc.venues, 86 Edgware Road,
London W2 2EA
Radisson Blu
Chicago Ave
Manchester M90 3RA
Quarter 1 Tuesday 15th January Wednesday 16th January
Quarter 2 Tuesday 9th April Wednesday 10th April
Quarter 3 Tuesday 16th July Wednesday 17th July
Quarter 4 Tuesday 8th October Wednesday 9th Octobery
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Date Event / Event Details Location / More Info
2019 Extreme Business Retreats London / TBC
Event Description

A retreat is a 3-day intensive during which you can work your way through the same process and emerge with a clear plan for 2019/20.

In April I am once more locating the retreat in London's West End at one of my favourite locations, Seminars@thirtyeight, part of the prestigious 38 Devonshire Street dental practice owned by my friend Dr. Gaynor Langley.

Step 1 - Strategic Plan - deciding the direction for the year in the context of a 3-year plan

Step 2 - Time and Priority Management - establishing the 2019/20 calendar and allocating free days, income-generating days and preparatory days

Step 3 - Organisational Structure - recognising the internal and external people and skills that will be required to work the plan

Step 4 - Financial Control - creating the personal and professional budgets, cash flows and targets for the year

Step 5 - Bringing the Plan Together - 90-day goals

  Organizers: Coach Barrow
Locations and Dates
Location TBC
Friday 12th April - Sunday 14th April Friday 29th November - Sunday 1st December
To register your interest, please email phillippa@coachbarrow.com