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Recruit, Train and Coach a Business Development Manager

The difference that working with Chris Barrow has made to me is that I have improved my focus on developing the business. I have more confidence now when I make important decisions, resulting in a significant growth in the quality of my professional and personal life.

Hamed Karimi Norfolk Dental Specialists The Brief
  • Hamed operates a very successful referral-only clinic in Norwich
  • This is our second time of working together
  • The current brief was to assist in the recruitment and training of a business development manager to work alongside the existing and experienced clinic manager
  • I have been working with the business manager for some months on the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan for referring GDP’s
  • I have been working with the clinic manager on a considerable upgrade of the existing financial reporting systems
  • I am advising Hamed on his overall strategy to expand the group via selective acquisition
Source of client
  • Returning client
Recruit, Train and Coach a Business Development Manager

Working with Chris Barrow gave us a “looking glass” in the future to enable us to prioritise our pathway in merging two practices together, has enabled us to take stock, consolidate and set new objectives to increase our return on investment, delivery high quality dentistry and outstanding customer care and opened our eyes to the new wave in marketing - Its all about digital and we are on the starting blocks now.

Working with Chris Barrow will give you the tools to drive your practice forward as his 23 years of experience and coaching are tried and tested - they work! He will give you guidance and confidence to deliver a profitable dental practice - he listens and provides processes that work to measure your journey.

Jenny Yull The Gallery Dental & Implant Centre, Buckingham The Brief
  • Jenny and Balaji (as he prefers to be known) came together when he expressed an interest in purchasing a nearby family dental practice called Meadow Walk Dental, where Jenny had been PM for many years
  • Balaji first met me as an associate at another client’s practice many years ago
  • The brief was to assist Jenny in the successful acquisition and merger of the two practices covering
    • Financial monitoring systems
    • Marketing plan
    • Team communication on integration and a consistent patient experience
  • I have also acted as a personal coach to Balaji to assist with personal development
Source of client
  • Word of Mouth
Recruit, Train and Coach a Business Development Manager

CB is my coach because 18 years ago he was instrumental in advising me and helping shape the first few years of my business ownership. 18 years on, he is still my ‘go to coach’ for anything related to business development, growth. Being a non dentist yet being part of the profession for 20 years, Chris has a unique perspective and his finger on many pulses that I just cannot have. As much time as I spend looking into mouths he spends looking into practices, observing what’s working, what’s not. He doesn’t massage my ego, he cuts through the BS because that’s what my business needs and therefore it’s what I need. I expect to hear the truth, not necessarily what I’d like to hear and it’s his very frank honesty that I respect.

Chris is a part of the reason we will achieve a 7 figure turnover soon. Oh and I’m a single handed practice.

If you are thinking of having Chris as a coach, stop thinking and JFDI

Barry OultonHaslemere Dental Centre The Brief
  • Barry was looking for a strategic conversation to help his 2-chair practice to grow beyond a glass ceiling
  • We quickly identified a major challenge with time-management. Barry’s wife Chloe was pregnant and expected to devote more time to parenting over the years ahead. She has played a key role in business management and her loss would create a serious commercial problem
  • The brief then was to identify, recruit and train a freelance business development manager.
  • This was achieved by broadcasting to the existing patient database and the successful candidate had a wealth of experience in business but “no previous dental”.
  • My role was to train, consult and coach the new BDM
  • At the same time, we reviewed the existing marketing plan and I was able to suggest a number of significant areas in which existing systems required modernisation
  • Clinically, Barry is at the top of his game and is also an innovator in clinical systems. I was able to introduce him to the Digital Smile Design (DSD) concept and Barry is rapidly developing that area of expertise – the only practice in his part of the world so to do
  • Latterly we are working together on the development of some equally innovative post-graduate personal development training for experienced clinicians and Barry will be launching a new series of seminars very soon
Source of client
  • Former client from 1998 who has returned to coaching
Recruit, Train and Coach a Business Development Manager

The difference that working with CB has made is………giving us the tools and the confidence to deal with the challenges of the business of dentistry. No holding back and always the best and honest advice.

Yaz Nafa Premier Orthodontics The Brief
  • Yaz and his wife Lydia operate this small orthodontic clinic south of London
  • The brief was to help recruit and train a business development manager and then to implement a full marketing plan
  • I am currently working with their new manager to build robust marketing systems for the practice
Source of client
  • Direct approach from the client following attendance at a dental conference at which I spoke
Recruit, Train and Coach a Business Development Manager

Opening my eyes to the current state of my business and helping me plan future changes. Being able to have access to your vast knowledge of dentistry was helpful in dealing with the running of our practice. After 6 months of working with you, the business in a much healthier position than we started from.

Satya PatelStricklandgate Dental Practice, Penrith The Brief
  • Satya now owns 3 practices in Cumbria and has an ambitious future expansion plan via acquisition
  • My original brief was to assist with the recruitment and training of a business development manager and the successful transition of roles and responsibilities from a retiring practice manager
  • I have also assisted with the integration of the separate practices into a centralised management system
  • I am working with the clinical team on communication skills training
  • I have worked with the business development manager on the implementation of financial reporting systems
Source of client
  • Direct approach from the client