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Zero tolerance (again)

It’s only Thursday morning and, already, quite a week of meetings and emails:

  1. the web developer who tells his client (and mine) that the client is fired after he has taken £5,000 and done 3 pages of a web site, consistently late for deadlines and shoddy work. (I’m tempted to say “caveat emptor” – the client chose a local lone freelancer and not the traditional dental web developers we know and love);

  2. the cocky associate who publicly ridicules the practice manager for putting motivational quotes on the staff room wall;

  3. the arsey receptionist who starts a work to rule when her demands for a pay-rise are rejected;

  4. the low performing dentist who expects 50% on all of his work “because of his experience” and complains because he isn’t getting enough new patient enquiries.

I really do try my best to remain positive about people – and I’m happy to say that, in the same week, I have been inspired by owners, managers, associates, therapists, hygienists, team members and suppliers who are going the extra mile, showing initiative, coming up with ideas and accepting extra responsibility without complaint.

I am currently reading and reviewing CV’s (from all over the UK) for Apprentice Dentists, Business Development Managers and Marketing Managers. 80% of the CV’s I read are uninspiring, 20% fill me with hope.

The 20% will go through to personal interviews and some will be chosen for their 12-week trial.

There are great people out there.

Yesterday I talked about kissing frogs.

Today I’m going to remind you about zero tolerance.

Stop trying to fix people.

Replace them.

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