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Your monthly management meeting agenda

Chatting to a Principal last night about her 3-year business strategy (a former client), she asked me “Chris are you just dealing with micro-corporates now then?”

Note to self : get your marketing message clear.

I’m still dealing with practices of all shapes and sizes, from single-handed to multi-location, NHS, mixed and private.

It got me thinking about the number of times I check in at a dental practice on Facebook and make a quick comment about what I’m up to there.

Frequently, the post reads “monthly management meeting”.

I thought I would share with you here the agenda we use for that meeting – sometimes comprehensively covering all the bases and at other times focusing on critical issues.

You really do need to cover all the points on this agenda with your management team EVERY month, with or without a coach or mentor.

If you don’t currently, then I would suggest you are sailing without a navigator and without positional readings, always dangerous no matter how calm the waters may seem.

One of my primary objectives in working with a client of any shape or size is to train the team in how to collect and collate the data that makes this meeting useful, then show them how to conduct the meeting and follow through on decisions and actions – once that is achieved, my work is often done – until they get out of the habit and call me back in again.

Please feel free to download and share this agenda.

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