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You have to laugh sometimes…

Story number one – Wednesday 21st December 2011 My home phone rings: “May I speak with the owner of the telephone contract please?” “Why?” “Am I speaking with the owner of the telephone contract?” “Who are you?” “We are Kingfisher Communications and I would like to speak with the owner of the telephone contract please” “What about?” “I would like to explain that in the New Year the telephone bill for this number can be reduced by half, whilst still retaining the BT landline” “So this is an unsolicited sales call?” “I am not making a sales call” “Did I invite you to call me?” Caller hangs up. Story number two – Wednesday 21st December 2011 Friend emails me to tell me that their practice have been cold-called (the week before Christmas?) by a dental business coaching company, asking to speak to the Principal (at 11:00)? When referred to the practice manager (wife of Principal) they explain that their services could be invaluable in 2012 as the practice’s existing business model “probably doesn’t work very well” (clairvoyance?). Friend respectfully points out that:

  1. they are historic clients of said caller’s company

  2. who now work with a different business coach

  3. are quite happy with their existing business model thank you

  4. and are situated in the same building as the caller’s company!

Leaving said cold-caller rather dumfounded and unable to find the correct box on the flow chart. Moral of the stories There is no class in cold-calling. Its just a numbers game that makes a fool of the caller and the receiver. Cold-calling is what companies do in the absence of a relationship. I’m dead against dissing the competition (after all there isn’t any competition – plenty of work to go round) but I’m not sure this type of activity does any of us any good in the long run. Bizarre! Just couldn’t resist sharing – please let me know if you get a call.

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