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5.45am – alarm call 6.30am – start to prepare Powerpoint slides for this evening 8.00am – quick breakfast 8.30am – set up workshop room 9.00am – start Cobham DBS workshop 12.30pm – send workshop delegates for lunch and write article for Mastermind Blog 5.00pm – finish workshop, jump into car and drive to The Four Seasons in Hampshire 6.00pm – arrive and set up projector and slide show 6.30pm – champagne reception and networking with 30 dentists 7.30pm – begin presentation on the benefits of a new mastermind group 8.45pm – sit down for dinner and host table for dinner with 8 dentists 11.00pm- finish dinner and goodnight 12.00pm – arrive at hotel and ring the doorbell for the night porter 12.45am – fall into hotel bed and turn out the lights

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